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PulpTech provides the Pulp and Paper Industry with new, innovative, leading edge technology. We offer various process measurements and controls for the Pulp and Paper Industry with documented returns on your investment. PulpTech guarantees your complete satisfaction.


             Satron VCT Optical                       BMA Bench Top
          Consistency Transmitter           Chip and Bark Moisture Analyzer


Update on Satron VCT Optical Transmitter Success!
Full story here-->Satron Success !

PulpTech is pleased to offer 2 new transmitters from Satron Instruments. With the great success Satron is having with their first Satron VCT optical consistency transmitter, they are now introducing the Satron VCT^3 and the Satron VCL. ......
Full story here-->Optical Consistency Transmitter

PulpTech is pleased to offer the Satron Instruments Satron VC Optical Transmitter. Now finally technology to replace the old mechanical transmitters. Satron VC uses the latest optical ......
Full story here-->Optical Consistency Transmitter

It has been two years since PulpTech's introductory email about the new microwave chip and bark moisture analyzer from Senfit OY, Finland . Fourteen (14) successful installations around the world and North America finally get their first installation. ......
Full story here-->Alabama Mill

The Line-Tec 200 Edge Guiding System is a fiber optic fabric edge detection system, which operates on a proven non-contact transmission principle. An optical sensor ......
Full story here-->Edge Guiding System

PulpTech is pleased to offer the Line-Tec 100 Fiber Optic Sheet Break Detector, a new product from Conmark Inc.
So, while sheet breaks are a fact of life ......

Full story here-->Sheet Break Detector

PulpTech is exited to introduce a new moisture measurement technology for chips and bark. As you know there has not been available a reliable method to measure chip moisture going to the digesters. But now there is one. The person behind the technology ......
Full story here-->CMA Chip Moisture Analyzer


Conmark Systems Inc. is proud to announce the NEW Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer based on their success with the proven Duralizer-NIR  near-infrared technology. .....
Full story here-->Chlorine Dioxide Generator Control

Another successful implementation of the on-line Duralyzer-NIR near infrared based liquor analyzer. On April 4th an on-line liquor analyzer was installed at Weyerhaeuser, Longview for their digester. The 5 automatic samplers are located .....
Full story here-->Digester Control

PulpTech is pleased to announce a new product from Conmark Systems Inc. The RBVideo Boiler Video Camera Control Software is a visual process analysis tool that allows the Recovery Boiler operator to analyze the shape of the bed and temperature profile of it. The operator can....
Full story here-->RBVideo

PulpTech is pleased to announce the "MCR Guard" Remote Monitoring and Control device. MCR Systems Ltd. is a developer and a producer of embedded solutions that provide monitoring and control of remote measurements, devices and appliances using wireless cellular connections.
Link to MCR Systems website -->MCR Guard

KPM aquired by Lorentzen & Wettre and the KPM products are now sold directly by L&W.
Link to L&W website -->L&W

Conmark Systems Inc. is proud to announce the NEW Kappa and Lime Analyzer based on their success with the proven Duralizer-NIR Liquor Analyzer. The Bench Top Kappa and Lime Analyzer has been designed to.....
Full story here-->Conmark Introduces

Conmark Systems Inc. continues to have great success with their NIR based liquor analyzers, both the on-line and bench top models. There are now over 27 systems running succesfully in North America. Recent orders include ......
Full story here-->Conmark Success

Conmark Systems Inc. continues to increase their market share with their unique maintenace free user friendly near infrared (NIR) based liquor analyzer. Weyerhaeuser, Albany, OR ...
Full story here-->Weyerhaeuser, Albany Success

Kajaani Process Measurement (KPM) supplies consistency transmitters for Bahia Pulp in Brazil ...
Full story here-->Bahia Project Success

PulpTech is proud to announce a new partner, Conmark Systems Inc. Conmark is the umbrella organization of several domestic and international companies, dedicated to bringing new solutions to the Pulp and Paper in North America. With Conmark comes the new revolutionary DURALYZER-NIR series of liquor analyzers. They represent a new generation...
Full story here-->DURALYZER-NIR Liquor Analyzer

Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM), introduces a new sheet break detector. The new KB has two light sources, RGB color and InfraRed. Depending on .....
Full story here-->KB/6-9-12 Sheet Break Detector

Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM), the sole supplier of Consistency products for Botnia’s pulp mill in Uruguay......
Full story here-->Botnia Order

Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM) continues to increase their market share with their unique and user friendly consistency products.......
Full story here-->Press Releases

PulpTech Sales is pleased to announce that Sandwell Engineering Services Limited has chosen KPM (Kajaani Process Measurements) as their consistency measurement supplier for the GL&V Canada Inc. project in Russia. Neman Pulp...... Full story here-->Neman Project

Consistency measurement devices have long been in a state of "Status Quo". Sensors have remained much the same they have always been despite the development in interface systems. That’s why the new KC/5, a revolutionary rotary consistency transmitter brought into the market by Kajaani Process Measurements Ltd., has been very refreshing news...... Full story here-->Automation Bus Magazine Article

M-Real selected Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM) to supply Consistency Transmitters and Sampling Devices for their new BCTMP mill in Kaskinen, Finland..... Full story here-->Press Release

Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM) launches a NEW rotating consistency transmitter. The KC/5 follows the same success criteria as the KC/3 blade consistency transmitter and.... Full story here-->KC/5

Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM) and Toshiba introduce the next generation LQ500 microwave consistency transmitters.The LQ500 is suitable for a wider range of applications where conductivity.... Full story here-->KPM & Toshiba

Pope & Talbot, Nanaimo purchases their 4th repeat KC/3 Blade Consistency Meter from Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM). Full story here-->Pope&Talbot

Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM)
is pleased to announce a key addition to their staff. Mr. Clarence Bearce is a most respected consistency measurements expert in the pulp and paper industry. Full story here-->Key Addition

 Kajaani Process Measurements (KPM)
gets  EXCLUSIVE  distribution rights for the Pulp & Paper Industry from TOSHIBA. Full story here-->Toshiba News

I am personally very happy to announce a new partner,
SEF Solutions and Scott Fairless. Full story here-->SEF Solutions

PulpTech is proud to announce a new partner, Hans Jakob Papiertechnik AG. Hans has 18 years of experience with steam showers and steam control systems.
Full story here-->Hans Jakob News

Kajaani Process Measurement's Sheet Brake Detector is chosen by CANFOR, Prince George, BC after extensive testing of other manufacture's similar equipment. A second WebEye was recently ordered to be also installed in this very demanding application in the dryer hood.
Full story here-->WebEye Success Story

Kajaani Process Measurements
introduces two new sampling valves, the KS/4 (Kajaani Process Measurements Sampling) and the KS/6 to complement their existing KS/2 sampling valves. With this complete line of sampling devices, unscreened and screened pulps ranging from 0-14% in consistency, can now be safely sampled.
Full story here-->KPM Sampler News

PulpTech is pleased to announce a new Partner, AQUANTIX, an Enterprise Unit of ALBERTA RESEARCH COUNCIL. With AQUANTIX comes two new products, an On-Line Dissolved Solids Analyzer (DSA-100) and a Portable Dissolved Solids Analyzer (DSA-110).
The DSA-100 analyzers provide reliable on-line measures of the total, organic and inorganic dissolved solids in industrial process water. The DSA-110 analyzer is a portable version of the DSA-100.  The DSA-110 measures components of the dissolved contaminants in the process streams without any costly and time-consuming laboratory methods. Full story here-->Aquantix News

They have done it again, those guys in Kajaani. Just when you thought there was nothing more to develop/invent with blade type consistency meters, Kajaani Process Measurements blows you out of the water with their brand new KC/3 (Kajaani Process Measurements Consistency) Blade Consistency Meter!   Full story here-->KC/3 News

PulpTech is pleased to announce a new product from 
On-line Porosity - Microperm 600 Smart
Full story here-->Microperm 600 Smart


PulpTech partners with Kajaani Process Measurements Ltd. - KPM was established in 2001, as worldwide supplier to the Pulp and Paper Industry. Founded by principals with extensive international experience in Research and Development, Customer Service and Marketing, KPM is located in Kajaani, Finland. Through acquisitions, mergers and aggressive product development, KPM is positioning itself as a high-end supplier of specialty solutions and premier measurement products.

KPM has recently acquired two companies, Conmark Instruments and Appa Systems. With this merger, Kajaani Process Measurements will have an extensive offering of consistency products for the Pulp and Paper industry. These include Microwave Consistency transmitters, Rotating Consistency transmitters, Optical Consistency transmitters and Blade type Consistency transmitters. They also offer a full line of Automatic and Manual Sampling Valves. With Conmark Instruments came also the WebEye, a Web Brake Detector based on infrared technology.

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